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Sunday, August 05, 2007

I have an emotional connection with those people in Iraq.”

Rick Moran writes an excellent MUST READ article for PJM after speaking with the soldier that was expelled from the YearlyKos convention for daring to produce evidence that they didn't want to hear, the surge is working.

I am going to show you the end of that interview, and then link to the whole thing so you can see the whole thing.

“This isn’t something political for me. I have an emotional connection with those people in Iraq.”

To illustrate his point, he tells the story of one day while he was on guard duty, protecting a group of Iraqi workers, his command was unable or unwilling to supply him with lunch.

“With the little food they had – and I mean little food – they each pitched in some of their own lunch so that I could eat. It’s amazing that 5 Shiites and 2 Sunnis cared more about my well-being than my own soldiers.

Sergeant Aguina then took a candy wrapper out of his wallet where he had carefully folded it.

It was just a wrapper. But for him, it was a reminder that there are many Iraqis who are grateful for the American presence and that his personal connection with those people was worth standing up in a place like YearlyKos where there was passionate objections to his views and opinions.

“That act of compassion meant so much to me that I kept the wrapper from the first piece of food they gave me and I kept it in my body armor for the rest of the time I was in Iraq to remind me that there’s a lot of good people over there that deserve to be free.”

The whole article is here and he admits he shouldn't have originally gone there in uniform, then he proceeds to nail Soltz for his hypocritical stance as well as Soltz's unprofessional conduct in his actions.

It is a great piece, go read it all.

Why did he bother to go to the Yearly Kos to begin with?

Simple, he understood that it is part of the battlefield.

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