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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Did Another Rat Just Jump Off The Ship?

(The "Hands of Victory" in Baghdad's Green Zone: The US military is more successful in Iraq than the world wants to believe.)

Over recent weeks we have noticed that, not only progress, but optimism has infiltrated our medias reporting of Iraq, I likened this with rats jumping of a sinking ship as well as those left stranded on that sinking ship getting mightily annoyed at the rats for jumping.

(We still have those in our media that won't jump, they will simply make up stories if enough truthful negative stories don't present themselves)

Well, it seems (via memeorandum again) that yet another "rat" has put on a life vest, ran for the edge and jumped into the water to avoid sinking on that ship. Hedging their bets, keeping a foot on both sides of the issue because the outcome is no longer so assured in their mind.

Iraq is not lost, there is considerable progress and our mainstream media doesn't want to be be the last one on to go down with the ship.

Davids Medienkritik
brings our attention to SPIEGEL ONLINE, yet another publication that has been convinced that Iraq was lost, now showing that they are not so sure.

Historical consistency has never been a strong point for SPIEGEL magazine or SPIEGEL ONLINE - but this is shocking:

Just look at this article.

After years of calling Iraq a disaster, debacle and quagmire, SPIEGEL ONLINE has decided to declare the following:

"The US military is more successful in Iraq than the world wants to believe."

Then he amuses me with this line:

As a long-time observer of the publication, my first reaction to reading this on SPIEGEL ONLINE was: Are they on drugs?! - this directly contradicts everything they've reported for the past four years! My second reaction was: Have they finally gotten off the drugs?! Maybe reality is finally starting to sink in!

Read the rest...

If the Democrats are not careful, the rest of their cheerleaders may just jump overboard as well, because I have news for them, General Petreaus did not take this job to fail, he wouldn't have accepted it had he thought he would fail and despite everything they have done publicly to discourage him, to deny the reports of progress, even reports coming from their own party members, Petreaus and our Military are in this to win.

They were wrong to bet against Petreaus, they were wrong to bet against our Military and they were wrong to be against America and put themselves in a position where only America's defeat could help them politically.

I do not envy them having to dig their way out of the whole they dug for themselves and I would not even be inclined to offer them a rope to pull themselves out.

After voting unanimously to send General Petreaus to do his job and then before he even had the full compliment of troops to do so, Harry Reid declared Iraq as lost.

Maybe had Baghdad Reid been in charge it would have been lost, but General Petreaus is a far better man that Harry Reid could even dream about being, our Military is far stronger and has a commitment to progress and success as to where Reid & all the Democratic politicians, only have a commitment to their own political careers which now hinge on Americas defeat.

That is the albatross around their neck and it is one they willfully chose to put there.

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