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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Video- College Professor Tells Students Republicans Are Stupid, White Old Racists- Indoctrination

By Susan Duclos

Indoctrination: To imbue with a partisan or ideological point of view.

Keep that word and definition in mind while reading.

Over the last few months I personally have written multiple pieces show how our nation's teachers are carefully indoctrinating students, from elementary school through college, under the guise of "education" and teaching.

A few examples:

We have seen a Texas school forcing children to wear burqas and refer to the 9-11 terrorist hijackers as "freedom fighters."  6th graders instructed to design socialist flags. College teachers that forced students to pledge to vote for Obama and Democrats.

Just this week, we have seen a Connecticut school worksheet that informs children that "Americans don't have the right to bear arms," and another example wher elementary school students were made to write "I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure,' in crayon.

Now we see a professor, Darry Sragow,  at the University of Southern California (USC), caught on video by USC student Tyler Talgo, delivering angry attacks on Republicans, calling them "old, white, racist, stupid and "losers." The professor also teaches his students how to keep Republicans from voting by telling them "You lose their information on the election in the mail." The he continues " I mean there is lots of ways to do it."

Video below via Campus Reform: (H/T Pat Dollard)

Parents: Do you know what your kid's teachers are teaching them?