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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Video- Late Term Abortion Clinic Worker: If Baby Comes Out Alive At Home, Flush It! Put It In A Bag!

By Susan Duclos

H/T to Hot Air, who gives a very succinct description of the eight-minute video seen below:

What happens, the young woman asks, if the baby is moving and breathing when it comes out?  No worries, says the abortion-clinic saleswoman — the toxic solution will make it “automatically stop.”  If the baby spontaneously delivers, she advises the mother to “Flush it!” Or, failing that, stick the baby in a plastic bag and bring him or her to the clinic for the toxic solution.  Don’t go to the hospital, she warns, because the hospital might actually try to save the baby.

Inhuman: Undercover in America's Late-Term Abortion Industry


[Update] NY Post- The truth about late-term abortion- Must read.