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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Senate Passes Mental Health And Privacy Protection For Victims And Gun Owner Amendments

By Susan Duclos

Harry Reid officially pulled the Senate gun control bill from consideration, saying he planned to bring it back up at another time.

Before the bill was pulled two amendments were passed, One by a Democrat and one by a Republican. The Harkin Amendment,  No. 730: To reauthorize and improve programs related to mental health and substance use disorders, passed with a vote of 95-2. (Roll call here)

The second amendment was  Barrasso Amendment. No. 717: To withhold 5 percent of Community Oriented Policing Services program Federal funding from States and local governments that release sensitive and confidential information on law-abiding gun owners and victims of domestic violence. That passed with a vote of 67-30. (Roll call here)

This follows Wednesday's Senate votes rejecting,  background expansions, Feinstein's gun bans, large capacity ammunition bans and the Republican's alternative gun bill.

(Correction made to this post about the amendments being one and one, Dem and Rep- H/T @sqeptiq)