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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Multiple State Leaders Vie For Gun Businesses Leaving Anti-Second Amendment States

By Susan Duclos

 Multiple states are laying out the welcome mat to gun manufacturers and manufacturers of gun accessories, that have decided to move their businesses out of states passing anti-Second Amendment gun laws.

Texas, Iowa, Mississippi, Maine, Wyoming, South Carolina, Alabama, Idaho, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and others are all vying for these businesses, jobs, tax revenue and spending into the local economy, to come to their states, vowing to never "sign anti-gun legislation that drives your business away or infringes on the U.S. Constitution."

Recently two companies, Magpul, which manufactures guns and HiViz Shooting Systems, which makes sights, recoil pads and other accessories, announced they were leaving the state of Colorado, both citing Colorado's new gun laws passed by Democratic lawmakers.

PTR Industries announces, via their Facebook page, as well as the PTR Industries website, that they will be "actively considering offers from states that are friendly to the industry," citing Connecticut's new gun laws passed by Democratic lawmakers.

Stag Arms in New Britain, with 200 employees, and magazine-maker Ammunition Storage Components, with 100 people in New Britain, say they may be forced to leave Connecticut as well.

Baretta has not backed away from their threats and are leaving Maryland because of the new gun laws being passed and even pointing out the company moved a warehouse to neighboring Virginia in 1990 when Maryland previously tightened gun laws.

Revenue, jobs and money filtering through economies, all to be lost as one gun company after another decide to pull out of states they consider anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment.

Baretta,between 1994 and 2014, says it will have paid 31-million dollars in Maryland taxes, employs 400 people, and has invested $73 million in the business over the past several decades.

Maine's Governor Paul LePage:

That's why I invite manufacturers of firearms and related accessories—some of which are under siege in their home states by politicians pushing anti-gun legislation—to come to Maine. As a state that is fiercely protective of our right to bear arms, we will welcome you and your business.

Texas Governor Rick Perry:

Via Fox News:

Perry, who reportedly sent letters to 26 firearms and ammunition manufacturers earlier this month, told Magpul that there is no other state "that fits the definition of business-friendly like Texas," according to the Denver Post.

Perry's letter to Connecticut-based gun maker Mossberg & Sons reads in part, "As you consider your options for responding to unwarranted government intrusion into your business, you may choose to consider relocating your manufacturing operations to a state that is more business-friendly," according to

Gunn sent letters Thursday to 14 gun manufacturers in Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and North Carolina.

"I am personally inviting you and your company to come to the great state of Mississippi," Gunn wrote in a letter to Colt's Manufacturing Co. in Connecticut. "In our state, you will not be criticized for providing good to the law abiding citizens who enjoy hunting, shooting or who just want the peace of mind that comes with the constitutional right to protect their families."

Leaders from other states have sent letters to some or all of the companies asking them to come to their homes. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican, has made an overture. Also chiming in have been U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., and officials from Alabama, Idaho, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Senator Chuck Grassley in Iowa:

Wyoming state lawmakers "Move to the Cowboy State."

West Virginia House Speaker Rick Thompson:

 “I think the most think important thing we can do here in the Legislature, when we have an opportunity, is look for opportunities that will create jobs in West Virginia. We need to get our people back to work and have more jobs—more good, quality paying jobs—in West Virginia,” said Thompson.

“When I saw that this company was thinking about relocating, I thought I would send a message to them that I would like to meet with them or something just to see if they were interested in West Virginia. We think it’s a great place to business and so I wanted to have that opportunity. I do not believe that West Virginia would be like Maryland and consider that proposed legislation and I’d like to convey that to them and see if they’re interested in West Virginia to create those jobs,” he added.

In the letter to Executive Vice President Franco Beretta, Speaker Thomson mentioned West Virginia’s high gun-ownership rate, as well as the state’s proximity to the company’s current location.

South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan:

Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., has written manufacturers in New York and Colorado inviting them to relocate. Idaho economic development officials and Mississippi's Republican speaker of the House also have written similar letters.

"The enemies of freedom are waging an all-out assault on the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which we have sworn to protect and defend," said Duncan's letter to George Kollitides, chief executive officer of Freedom Group Inc., whose Remington Arms division has a manufacturing plant in Ilion, N.Y. "At a time when our government is consistently thwarting the ability of individuals to own businesses, voluntarily trade goods and services, and grow our economy, South Carolina is committed to a different story. In South Carolina, we believe in the right to keep and bear arms."

Pennsylvania Lawmakers "Gun Clingers welcome you"

Grove says Pennsylvania should embrace its gun loving reputation.

“Pennsylvania is known all over the country for clinging to its guns, and it’s time that we use this reputation to our advantage,” Grove said. “By enticing these three companies to Pennsylvania, we are sending a clear message that we welcome their industry, and we also welcome the hundreds of jobs and multi-million dollar economic impact this would bring to the Commonwealth.”


We wholeheartedly believe in defending our Second Amendment rights, and if other states are looking to legislate an industry out of existence, then we should capitalize on this opportunity to deliver to our constituents good, family-sustaining jobs.”

Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives Philip Gunn:

“Gun manufacturers are under attack in anti-Second Amendment states,” Gunn said in a release announcing that he sent 14 letters to CEOs of firearm manufacturers across the country Thursday, inviting them to move their operations to Mississippi. He said it is a state “where their industry and jobs will be appreciated.”

“We need more businesses to establish home base in Mississippi,” said Gunn, a Republican. “We can provide these companies with an educated workforce, a superior quality of life, an evolving education system for their children, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing we support their industry.”


 “I am personally inviting you and your company to come to the great state of Mississippi,” the letter reads. “In our state, you will not be criticized for providing goods to the law abiding citizens who enjoy hunting, shooting or who just want the peace of mind that comes with the constitutional right to protect their families.”
[Update] Senator Ted Cruz:

 Following Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s pressure on banking institutions to cut off lines of credit to gun manufacturers, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) criticized the politician — and invited the banks and gun manufacturers to come to Texas instead.

Cruz wrote a letter to the CEOs of TD Bank, Bank of America, Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc., outlining the reasons Chicago is not a friendly place for their companies and welcoming them to move to Texas instead.

“In light of the reception you have received in the Windy City, please know that Texas would certainly welcome more of your business and the jobs you create,” Cruz wrote to the financial institutions.

Cruz also thanked the firearms manufacturers for their support of the Second Amendment, and offered to introduce them to financial leaders in Texas should they desire to relocate.

As Democratically controlled states pass laws which many believe violate the Second Amendment constitutional right to bears arms without infringement, driving companies, revenue, jobs and employers out of their states, Republican leaders are opening their arms wide, welcoming them, offering incentives to bring those jobs, that revenue, that influx of money, and their businesses to states willing to stand up for the the Second Amendment.

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