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Friday, April 26, 2013

Video- 'Line-of-Sight' Detonation Leaves Investigators Wondering Was There A Third Boston Bomber?'

By Susan Duclos

From the day of the Boston Marathon bombings, every time new details emerge they leave those keeping up with the news with more questions.... today's question is "was there a third Boston bomber involved with the Marathon bombings?"

H/T Twitchy with description of information in the video.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge is reporting today that the FBI has not ruled out the possibility of a third party involved in the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing. Evidence that the two bombs were detonated not by a cell phone but by parts ripped from a toy car remote control suggest that whoever triggered the explosions had to have been in the line of sight of the bombs.

Further, the instructions the Tsarnaev brothers were believed to have followed to construct the pressure cooker bombs didn’t mention the remote control method of detonation, though a search of their computers might turn up a source for that information.

[WATCH] Fox News report below:

[Update] In other related news today, investigators are searching a landfill for bombing clues:

Information from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev himself, plus other leads, spurred authorities to look through the New Bedford, Massachusetts, landfill, the official told CNN's Susan Candiotti. The 19-year-old went to school -- at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth -- in an adjacent town, and he was spotted in his dorm room there in the days after the April 15 twin blasts that left three dead.

What exactly are investgators hoping to find?

Boston bombing suspects' mother was also on a terror watch list as was her older son, Tamerlan Tsarnaeva, who was one two U.S. watchlists:

 Russian officials warned authorities in the United States about the mother of the bombing suspects in 2011, and she was also added to a terror watch list, according to CNN.
JWF points to a Boston Herald column asking a very interesting question:

Meanwhile, Howie Carr asks a very interesting question nobody else has wondered about.
If the Tsarnaevs were so persecuted in Kleptostan that they needed “asylum,” how come all of them fly back and forth to that Third World hellhole like they’re jumping on the Red Line to Park Street?

Like I said, the more details that emerge, the more questions the leave.

[Update #2] Boston Herald:

A top-ranking Republican congressman said yesterday he expects the feds to make more arrests in their ever-widening probe of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings, which took a new frightening turn yesterday when officials revealed the accused terrorist brothers made “spontaneous” plans to launch an attack on Times Square.

“I hear a lot of definitive statements out there that it was just these two men and it’s over, but I will tell you I hear these briefings every day, and I don’t think this is over,” said U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican who chairs the House Committee on Intelligence. “There are clearly more persons of interest, and they’re not 100 percent sure if there aren’t other explosives.”