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Sunday, April 21, 2013

'Craft' Members Presence At Boston Marathon With Black Backpacks Lead To Conspiracy Theories

By Susan Duclos

Well that didn't take long. After the 9-11 terrorist attack, "truthers" were born. Controversy about Barack Obama's birth certificate gave way to the nickname "birthers", what shall we call this? Bombergate... nah, the "gates" have been done to death.

I'll let others come up with some catchy little name.


Let us start with "Craft", described as private military contractors. Members of Craft are former military members and the recently deceased military sniper Chris Kyle was President of Craft International.

Natural News and other alternative media have provided ample evidence that "Craft" members had a presence at the Boston Marathon with photos of those members with shirts and caps with the "Craft" logo (Skull).

Those photos are below and with appearance of those photos on the Internet and the implication made by the Natural News article, some are now taking a large leap in logic and accusing the FBI of being behind the Boston Marathon bombings.

First the photos showing the "Craft" presence.

Then the deliberate implication, via an array photo, about the black backpacks "Craft" members were wearing:

Voila, a conspiracy theory is born.

Headline "Was it the FBI which bombed the Boston Marathon?"

The FBI is also deeply engaged in the cover-up, selectively choosing the publicize photos of the patsies who are scripted to take the fall.

As part of its cover-up, the FBI has announced "other photos will not be deemed credible."

Huh? The only photos that count are the ones you say count? How is that an "investigation?"

So even though we have a multitude of photos now showing at least ten men wearing combat uniforms, black backpacks and tactical gear, the FBI has no interest in these people! Even though we have already proven through photographic evidence that one of them is carrying a radiation detector and that nearly all of them are carrying black backpacks.
Reporter censored at press conference.
Dan Bidondi, an reporter based on the East Coast, attempted to show photos of "The Craft" operatives during a public press conference and was immediately censored by government agents holding up clipboards to block his photos.
Incredible! No photos from the event that are not selected by the FBI are allowed to be shown!
Click here to watch the video report.

I am not going to say it is impossible, but it is just as likely that "Craft" is used and hired by the government to attend large events to help with protection and /or a response should an attack occur. Generally when military contractors are hired, the nature of their assignments are confidential.

PS- The fact that one of the alleged "Craft" members was carrying what appeared to be a radiation alert device, argues against the conspiracy theory and more for the hired protection/response team.

Just saying....