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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

VIDEO- Sick, Twisted Twitter Users Wish Death on Sarah Palin

Followup post 1/13/11- Joke of the Day- Idiot Tweeter claims video showing her public tweet violates her privacy.

Palin Derangement Syndrome alive and well for Twitter users. Below is via Breitbart, showing Twitter users issuing death wishes against Sarah Palin. Keep track of these user's names.

Palin Death Wish Tweets Re Tucson Shooting from Legal Insurrection on Vimeo.


[Update] H/T Legal Insurrection for the new location to the video. The original one was removed by YouTube.

[Update #2] From a follow up post here at Wake up America:

(It is notable that one of the quotes shown in the video was not a death wish, but was a sarcastic reply to those wishing death on Palin and has set the record straight ) I disagree with her post, conservatism is not dead, the maker of the video simply didn't understand the sarcasm in the rush to compile the death wishes. Unfortunate human error. Hopefully anyone else writing about this will highlight that post consistently whenever showing the video in the name of fairness.

Adding a comment left by Aaron Worthing who writes for Patterico's and highlights what could be another genuine misunderstanding:

Hey, this is Aaron over at Patterico's. There are actually two that appear to be a genuine misunderstanding.

which doesn't help the other 48 schmucks, but oh well.
[End of Update]