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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Saudis Caught A Mossad Agent!

By Findalis

Code Named R65 this agent was definitely from Israel. There was no denying it. His/Her ankle ring said: Tel Aviv University.
Saudi Arabian security forces have captured a vulture that was carrying a global positioning satellite (GPS) transmitter and a ring etched with the words "Tel Aviv University." They suspect the bird of spying for Israel, Maariv-NRG reported Tuesday. The GPS and ring were connected to the bird as part of an long-term project by Israeli scientists that follows vultures' location and altitude for research purposes.

The arrest of the vulture - whose identification code is R65 - comes several weeks after an Egyptian official voiced the suspicion that a shark that attacked tourists off the Sinai shore was also acting on behalf of Mossad. The incidents may reflect a growing irrational hysteria among Arabs surrounding Israel's military prowess and the efficacy of its intelligence services, possibly fueled by the Stuxnet virus' success..

Maariv said that the R65 was caught near the home of a sheikh in the community of Hayel in Saudi Arabia. The words "Tel Aviv University" etched in English on a ring clasped to its leg, and especially the transmitter, caused the finders to suspect espionage and alert the security forces.

Ohad Hatzofe, bird ecologist for the Nature and Parks Authority, said that the vulture story has been making the rounds in Arabic internet sites, including Al-Jazeera forums and Arabic military forums. "The subject is receiving great publicity and it is important that Saudi authorities understand that it is not true. There is also an international treaty of nature protection professionals, that forbids doing things like this," he added.

The researchers said that seven vultures that were marked in Israel in the last few years reached Saudi Arabia. Transmissions from four of them have ceased and they are presumed dead. One vulture - beside R65 - is still alive and flying around Saudi Arabia, after spending the winter in Sudan.
This shows the true nature of the Muslim mind.  Not a rational thought in it.  Iran executing squirrels and pigeons as Israeli spies, Egypt claiming that the Mossad is sending Sharks to kill their tourists, now vultures in the skies of Saudi Arabia.  These reports make me wonder if anyone in the Muslim world is not insane, stupid and/or stoned out of their mind!

R65 and his/her companion are the only 2 vultures left alive, 4 being killed by the Saudis. R65 has completed his/her mission in the Sudan, is still over Saudi Arabia and will next be spying on the DNC. Perhaps Nixon should have used vultures instead of plumbers.

Soaring high for the Israelis!