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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night HUAS Award Revisited

Been awhile huh? My appologies. But it comes to light that some still believe a "story" about a birth. I have a thing or two to say. I'm to the point of where I do not care if he was, or wasn't. You birthers had better get your head up straight, and put a bit of your efforts into voting the man out in 2012. Because, I'll tell you, you are doing NOT ONE DAMN THING! Except alienating some good folks.

It has gone too far. He is, and has been our president for almost 2 years. Get over it! Chastise him later!

The Governor of Hawaii promised this... (honorary mention for the HUAS) Reason being for spending so much time and effort to prove ...nothing. Good job Guv. Your credibility is at a standstill. Sorry for the long video. Reverend Manning is just a very entertaining Birther! :)

But then he crawfished, Abercrombie .... (teehee, he actually assed himself)
Can't seem to find the damn thing!

Who really cares anymore? I could care less if he was born in Kenya, Antartica, or on the planet Blog. I guess the Guess Who said it best:
"It's too late
He's gone too far
He's lost the sun.
He's come undone."

We have given him enough rope, and he is using it well. Get off your birther ass and get with the program of the real talking points. Birthers. Waste of time and good energy. And an award to prove it.

In Liberty,