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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shooting Victim, James Eric Fuller, Apologizes For Death Threat Citing 'Misplaced Outrage'

James Eric Fuller was involuntarily committed after losing it and making a death threat against Tea Party leader Trent Humphries at a town hall style meeting last Saturday.

CNN reports Fuller's apology:

Arizona shooting victim James Eric Fuller sent his apologies Monday for telling a Tea Party leader, "you are dead."

Dorothy DeRuyter, a companion of Fuller's, provided CNN with a statement.

"I would like to tender my sincerest apologies to Mr. (Trent) Humphries for my misplaced outrage on Saturday at the St. Odelia's town meeting," Fuller said in the statement. "It was not in the spirit of our allegiance and warm feelings to each other as citizens of our great country."

Fuller, 63, was involuntarily committed to a county mental health facility after he photographed Tucson Tea Party founder Humphries and said, "You are dead" when Humphries began speaking at the event.

Fuller "is apologetic and very sad" about his outburst, DeRuyter said. "He wishes he could go back and do things differently," she said.

Misplaced outrage. Makes me wonder where he thinks his outrage should be placed to begin with because it seems he has tried to blame everyone but the actual shooter, Jared Lee Loughner.