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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Video- Sarah Palin Interview With Sean Hannity: Tucson Shootings And Blame Game

Below are three videos of Sean Hannity's interview of Sarah Palin in which Hannity drives the conversation toward the Tucson shootings and the immediate media/blog aftermath by the far left to somehow connect her and conservatives to the massacre.

Reactions came out fast and furiously from the media and blogosphere and continue to come out as I write this.

Those reactions across the blogosphere have been predictable especially from liberals who first dragged Palin into the conversation about the shootings which left six dead and 13 others injured, then the left criticized Palin for not responding, then they pissed and moaned when she did finally respond claiming she was trying to make this about her.

NewsFlash to the left- Before the bodies of those brutally murdered were removed from the crime scene, you and your brethhren on the far left already decided and wrote, in stereo, that is was all about Palin and the right, so your claims that Palin has inserted herself are dishonest and outright lies.

Once proof was brought forth from the media that the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, had no connection to the right or to Palin, then the backtracking began and you folks decided to try to claim Palin brought herself into the mix.

Pathetic and the internet never forgets, the timeline of your disgusting display of exploiting the tragedy here in Arizona simply to take a shot at the right and Palin, backfired and Americans (53 percent) saw it and know it.

One of the most clear and concise reactions to the Hannity interview with Palin was from Quin Hillyer, at AmSpec:

I continue to believe that Sarah Palin is not yet qualified to be president, but my admiration for her continues to grow. Her interview with Sean Hannity, just aired, was almost pitch-perfect. It was dignified. It was well-modulated. It was strong. And it was thoughtful. She kept her composure even as Hannity put on the screen some of the vilest, most vicious attacks against her -- the sorts of things that were so bad that if they were said about me they might shake me to my core. She explained her thought process after hearing about the shooting in Tucson, and explained the timing of her videotaped message, and explained her use of the term "blood libel." She insisted, rightly, that strong and honest -- but respectful -- political debate should not be stifled, and noted that it only seems like the right is asked to stifle its views. She was correct on all counts.

Then Hillyer offers a challenge to the far left which has done their best to demonize Palin:

The truth is, there is almost nothing this lady has ever done or said that merits the sorts of venomous vitriol to which she has been subjected. Her rhetoric is sharp but not hateful. Her views -- and even more, her actual record -- are mainstream conservative, not extremist. And her story of a plucky, self-made rise from unlikely (for a politician) origins, on the basis of hard work and gumption, is remarkably admirable. And, frankly, whom has she hurt along the way? The feelings of those who are appalled that she wouldn't abort her Downs Syndrome baby? The ideology of those who thought she should force her daughter to get an abortion? The corrupt old-boy network who plagued (and effectively robbed) Alaska, whom she defeated in fair-and-square elections? The self-important worldview of those who believe that women who aren't liberal are illegitimate political actors? Go ahead: Show where Sarah Palin has been mean-spirited, abusive, or hateful? Can't do it. She hasn't been.

Well said and there is more, so head over and read it in full.

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