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Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt Updates: Linkfest

A week of protests across Egypt with Egyptian demonstrators demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak and his 30 year rule, the Egypt government shutting down their Internet and cutting their people off from the rest of the world and the protests becoming larger and larger each day for the last six days and heading into the seventh, with Tuesday expected to be the largest yet.

Recent news coming out from Al Jazeera, one of the few places news is still coming out directly, shows a country uprising against it's government.

To some this seems to be coming from left field as they proclaim surprise at the demonstrations and the possibility that the people of Egypt may topple the Mubarak regime, but others clearly saw it coming and warned the U.S. and others of the instability, as reported by The Politico.

Everyone seems to be weighing in on the subject with their opinion of what should and what should not happen and the ramifications across the world if Mubarak is toppled, but those in Egypt, the people, are the ones that will be forced to deal with the immediate consequences of any outcome.

This is about Egypt first and foremost, Egypt's allies across the globe are secondary. The instability of the Middle East just got worse no matter how it is cut and no matter the outcome.


Some links to places updating as the days of protests continue.

WSJ: Opposition Unites in Egypt

ABC News: ‘This Week’ Transcript: Crisis in Egypt

BBC: Egypt protests enter seventh day

Al Jazeera: Al Jazeera camera equipment seized

NYT: Protests Persist in Egypt as New Cabinet Is Seated

Other Links

LA Times: White House quietly prepares for a post-Mubarak era in Egypt

New York Times: Clinton Urges Egyptian Dialogue

CBS News: Clinton: In Egypt, "Words Alone" Are Not Enough

Quote of the Day I chose as I see headlines with Obama, Clinton, just about everybody issuing "suggestions" and I sit here and think, this is about Egypt folks, not us, not those that will be affected the most harshly afterward, but right now, right this second, this is between Egypt's people and their government.

Ross Douthat, NYT column, titled "The Devil We Know."

The only comfort, as we watch Egyptians struggle for their country’s future, is that some choices aren’t America’s to make.

Read the whole thing, it is worth the few minutes it takes.