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Monday, January 03, 2011

Republican's Oversight Committee Investigation Starting List Short And To The Point

I see some grumbling on the right side of the blogosphere about Darrell Issa's , (Issa will be the chairman of the House's Oversight and Government Reform Committee)top six list of planned investigations.

--Issa’s list: “1. Impact of regulation on job creation … 2. Fannie/Freddie & the Foreclosure Crisis … 3. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and the failure to identify origins of the financial crisis … 4. Combating corruption in Afghanistan … 5. WikiLeaks … 6. FDA/Food & Drug Safety.”

The list is short and I can't fault members of the right in their desire to see other issues, such as the Sestak bribery probe, AG Holder and the voter intimidation case, the stimulus spending and mismanagement, Pigford II, the GM dealerships kerfuffle, addressed in a public manner (H/T Malkin) Many of us have questions about corruption in all those issues.

Others are just as frustrated but as a starting list, it seems this goes straight to the heart of what the public majority wants to see addressed.

If Issa says outright he will never investigate those other items, then that debate is worth having, but as a starting point, this list of Issa's deals with job creation and economics, the top two priorities expressed by voters in the midterm elections.

This short list also goes a long way to countering the insistent rhetoric by the far left Democrats that Republicans would be conducting "with hunts" with their new majority in the House of Representatives.

Republicans across the board are showing public focus on debt, spending, jobs and economy and while the Blank Panther case, voter intimidation and the DOJ's actions to sweep it under the rug, as an example, is an outrage, it does not address those top concerns, so while it should be on the agenda it should not be the first thing done right out of the gate and announced even before Republicans take control.