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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Heart Bleeds For Traitor Bradley Manning....NOT

Bradley Manning, a man, a supposed soldier who stole confidential information using his military position, gave it to Wikileaks, jeopardized his fellow military brethren's lives and sold out the country he swore to defend when he joined the military, is not adjusting to prison life so well.... doesn't that just make your heart bleed for him?

He is being kept in solitary confinement under a POI (Prevention of Injury) order and his blankets are heavy and coarse, he is under constant watch and doesn't get to watch a lot of television or read much news and only gets a little exercise.

Boo hoo.

He is a traitor that did everything in his power to endanger America while sworn to protect Her.

He is scum and personally I think his treatment is too good for him. He shouldn't get any television, he should be happy he even has a blanket.

Oh, and bleeding hearts who complain, loudly, that his is suffering "inhumane" treatment instead of focusing on what damage he has done to our intelligence community or how many of our brave troop's lives he has endangered are simply showing their true colors and proving they don't give a damn about America.

Here is an idea.. the military should take the POI order off and if Manning decides to take his own life as the POI is meant to prevent, no big loss.