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Monday, December 13, 2010

Tax Deal: Two Separate Polls Show Liberals Fighting Against Majority of Americans, Even Their Own Party

Two polls released which show that an overwhelming majority of Americans, including a majority of Democrats support the tax deal that Barack Obama and Republicans negotiating. This shows that far left liberals, including House Democrats that have been fighting against the deal as a whole, are not representative of America and are not even representative of their whole party.

Earlier it was reported that the Senate is set to move forward with it's first procedural motion, cloture, to test the level of support in the upper chamber and now Pew Research and an ABC News/Washington Post poll both find a broad level of support, a majority of Americans supportive of the tax deal as a whole.

Pew finds that 60 percent of Americans back the tax deal, and that includes 63 percent of Democrats and surprise, surprise, 65 percent of liberal Democrats, showing that the far left liberal blogoshere which has spent a week throwing a complete temper tantrum, does not even represent those that consider themselves liberal Democrats!!

The agreement between President Obama and congressional Republicans to extend tax cuts and unemployment benefits is getting strong bipartisan support. Overall, 60% approve of the agreement while just 22% disapprove.

There are virtually no partisan differences in opinions about the agreement – 63% of Democrats approve of it, as do 62% of Republicans and 60% of independents. Among Democrats, liberals are as supportive of the agreement as are conservative and moderate Democrats.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll is even worse news for the far left liberal blogosphere, as well as the House Democrats that have been fighting against the deal their own party's president negotiated:

Sixty-nine percent of Americans said they support the agreement announced last week by the president that would extend all expiring tax cuts for two years, extend unemployment benefits for 13 months, allow for a one-year payroll tax holiday, and increase the level of exemption from estate taxes, an ABC News/Washington Post poll found Monday.

The graph at the top of the post is a screen shot from the ABC News/Washington Post poll PDF, and it shows that the specific part of the tax deal that receives the least support is cutting social security and payroll taxes, not the part that liberal far left progressive Democrats have been complaining about, very loudly, which has been the estate tax provisions.

The estate tax provision increasing the exemption actually enjoys a majority of support even from Democrats.

(Click image to enlarge for better reading)

Initial reactions show blogosphere far left liberals in complete denial.

[Update] New reports show that a certain segment of conservatives are slamming the deal, with estate taxes also being the chief complaint... the difference is that the conservatives do not think there should be any estate tax aka death tax.

The polls mentioned above ask about support on "increasing exemption" but they did not ask about the estate tax as a whole.

I would be interested to see those figures gauging what portion of America thinks that leveling taxes on monies or estates left to family and/or friends is supported although as I pointed out in previous days, highlighting specific portions of the bill should not assume that just because one option or another would influence support as a whole.

The bill is not being voted on separately, it is a package and when determining levels of support the whole package should always be polled on rather than cherry picking individual issues to try to dishonestly mislead readers into thinking the package in full does not enjoy bipartisan support.