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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Obamacare's High Risk Pools Are A Bust And Financially Unsustainable

Once again Obamacare news and it isn't good. Wapo soft pedals it in their usual fashion and added together with all the other Obamacare busts, shows the public's opposition originally was well founded and their continued opposition grounded in reality over hype.

An early feature of the new health-care law that allows people who are already sick to get insurance to cover their medical costs isn't attracting as many customers as expected.

In the meantime, in at least a few states, claims for medical care covered by the "high-risk pools" are proving very costly, and it is an open question whether the $5 billion allotted by Congress to start up the plans will be sufficient.

Federal health officials contend the new insurance plans, designed solely for people who already are sick, are merely experiencing growing pains. It will take time to spread the word that they exist and to adjust prices and benefits so that the plans are as attractive as possible, the officials say.

A two-page piece from Wapo which leaves gaping questions about one of the more popular aspects of the Obamacare aka health care law in which the writer doesn't even bother to address the variety of other failures that have already shown themselves in the massive bill which Democratic politicians pushed through both house's of Congress and Barack Obama signed into law.

Ed Morrissey twitters "If a defense contractor failed to deliver 97.9% of its goals, would WaPo report it like it reported on O-care today?"

Following the link, Ed points out over at Hot Air:

The failure of ObamaCare’s Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan has been known for weeks, at least to readers of the Wall Street Journal and Hot Air. The Washington Post catches up to the WSJ a mere 45 days later with this report from Amy Goldstein on the failure of PECIP to attract the 375,000 people the White House and Congress claimed needed the help of subsidies to get health-care coverage. Even with the program falling 97% short of its stated goal, it’s still going to cost more than Congress allocated anyway

This, on top of other Obamacare failures, along with the most recent news that Obama has used regulation to impose the end-of-life planning portion of Obamacare which was dropped from the health care bill when a firestorm was created after Sarah Palin pointed out the likelihood of "Death Panels", shows a bill, a piece of law passed with only Democratic support by a Democratically controlled Congress and a Democratic president against the continued opposition of the majority of a failure already.

I said this the other day in my piece titled "Death Panel By Obama Regulation Hidden From The Public Deliberately":

The House of Representatives will be controlled by the GOP starting in January and they will control the purse strings and since repeal of the entire obamacare bill is impossible as long as the Senate is run by Harry Reid and Democrats (although much less control now after the midterm elections) and the White House is controlled by Barack Obama who would veto any such total repeal, the GOP in the House must defund every portion of Obamacare they can until the political situation changes to the point where we can undo Obamacare totally.

Choke it, starve it, defund it GOP... we expect it, we demand it and we are watching to make sure you make it happen.

I stand by those statements.