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Monday, December 27, 2010

CBC Radio – Canada producer seeking military spouses for a story

Are you a Canadian military spouse, or do you know one? If so, this message is for you:

... I`m a producer with Radio-Canada in Montreal. I`m doing some research for a story that I`m working on about support for military families.

I`m wondering if you can help me with my research…

I know that the Canadian Forces has done a lot the last few years through the Military Family Resources Centres to support spouses and women in particular. But I`m trying to get a sense of how the Canadian Forces treats spouses in general now that their partners are coming back from one or more deployments to Afghanistan. I know that this puts a lot more stress on families, when they`re already very stressed. So far, I`ve talked with a lot of women who are feeling quite isolated.

I`m wondering, if you have an insights on this topic, could you give me a call? We could chat off-the-record and totally confidentially. I`m free any time and you can reach me on my cell at 514-895-0341 or email me at

Merry Christmas!! And thank you!


Please pass this on.. Thank you.