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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Terror Hits Rome With Two Embassy Bombing Incidents

The Swiss Embassy and Chilean Embassy in Rome were the sites of two package bomb explosions, both incidents wounding one person each, according to CNN.

Authorities searched for others but so far have found none, although one suspicious package was found at the Ukrainian Embassy, but was later determined not to be dangerous.

Last month 14 parcel bombs originating from Greece were found and destroyed with one woman wounded at the time.


In November, police discovered 14 parcel bombs emanating from Greece, most of which were sent to various embassies in Athens.

Police intercepted and destroyed most of them in controlled explosions, but a woman at a courier office was wounded by one of the devices and another device exploded in the courtyard of the Swiss Embassy.

Other parcel bombs were addressed to European targets including the leaders of Germany and Italy.

Two men accused of participating in the bombings were remanded into custody after they were arrested in Athens in possession of two parcel bombs, Glock pistols, a bulletproof vest, and a wig.

Panagiotis Argyrou, 22, and Gerasimos Tsakalos, 24 were also in possession of a delivery slip for another parcel containing an explosive device which had been delivered to a courier service and was addressed to the Dutch Embassy, police said.

Hellenic Police spokesman Maj. Athanasios Kokkalakis called the two suspects "important members of a terrorist group."

Before the attacks, Argyrou already faced an arrest warrant for his alleged membership in an illegal organization called the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

Greek authorities stressed that they believed the wave letter bombs there was the work of a home-grown Greek terrorist group that does not have ties to international organizations like al Qaeda.

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