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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Obama And Republicans Need To Tell House Dems: Pass The Deal, As Is, Or We Will In January

The tax deal Obama negotiated directly with Congressional Republicans after becoming dispirited at the lack of cooperation he was getting from Congressional Democrats has the overwhelming support from a majority of Americans and has passed it's first test vote (for cloture) in the Senate with an 83-15 vote.

Yet House Democrats are still trying to change the deal and it is time for Barack Obama, the Senate, and Congressional Republicans to tell the Pelosi and House Democrats "enough is enough, pass the deal, as is, or it will be passed in January when the GOP takes control of the House of Representatives."


House Democrats are angry they lost power and at the end of the year will no longer control the House, no longer be able to control the House agenda so they are attempting to make themselves feel relevant again in a power play they have no hope of winning. They should not be allowed to put on their little show at the expense of American's piece of mind.

It is a bipartisan deal negotiated by the leader of their party, Barack Obama, leaders of the Republican party and it is has been given the blessing of the majority of Americas and cloture on the tax deal passed the Senate with the most bipartisan support we have seen on almost anything controversial for over two years.

House Democrats need to either get on board or get out of the way because all they are doing at this point is proving to the American people that the midterm elections, the "shellacking" the Democrats took, was justified and it is this type of unreasonable posturing by House Democrats that caused them to lose control of the House in the first place.

[Update PS] I do not like many of the "sweeteners" that were added, I do not like many of the original parts of the deal Obama and Republicans negotiated, but as I tell the liberal left constantly, when the majority of Americans speak up, those who are in the way need to get out of the way, including me and other conservatives.

Had this issue not been put off until the very last minute, then perhaps the debate and negotiations could have gone differently, but it was put off, it is the last minute, and different polls from separate individual organizations show the majority of Americans favor this deal, so just pass the damn thing and quite howling over it.

A little note to my conservative brethren- When Obamacare showed the majority of Americans opposed to the law and liberals who controlled the House, Senate and White House ignored the will of American voters, passed it and signed it into law, look what happened on November 2, 2010.

Voters remembered.

Many of us howled then about house Democrats ignoring the majority, we said Obamacare should not be passed when the majority was so opposed to it and Democrats did it anyway.

Well, the shoe is now on the other foot and unless you are hypocrites, you have to maintain that the majority should be listened to whether you agree with all aspects of the deal or not.