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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Andrew Malcolm Amused Over Polls On GOP Takeover That Hasn't Happened Yet

Ok, this is truly amusing and Andrew Malcolm over at LA Times' Top of the Ticket does a spectacular job highlighting the idiocy of polling people on what they think about the GOP takeover of the House and declaring people are not impressed, before the GOP actually has taken control!!!


With Republicans still 20 days away from taking control of one chamber of Congress, the House of Representatives, the Washington Post could no longer resist delivering the polling news that Americans are not yet convinced the GOP is the party for them.

The bold headline: "Public is not yet sold on GOP"

Imagine, waiting for the 63 new House Republicans to actually take the oath on Jan. 4 and perhaps find their seats before polling on what dismal failures they are. With Democrats controlling merely the presidency and the Senate, the newly elected Republicans have yet to accomplish a single meaningful thing. And clearly the public knows it.

You simply have to go read the whole thing.

Kudos Andrew!!