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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Kaiser Poll: 49 Percent Want Partial Or Full Repeal Of Obamacare

New Kaiser polling, conducted after the midterms show that 49 percent of Americans want a partial or full repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act aka Obamacare, with a quarter waiting portions repealed and 24 percent wanting the full law repealed. Only 40 percent of those questions want Obamacare expanded or leaving it as it is. Those numbers break down to 21 percent wanting it expanded and 19 percent wanting it left as it.

Among those that voted in the midterms, 56 percent wants Obamacare repealed in part or in full.

Unsurprisingly, two-thirds of the general public want the individual mandate, the portion where Government forces Americans to buy insurance or face penalties, repealed.

There is agreement on small portions of the bill on specific issues such as pre-existing conditions, credits for small business as two examples.

Had the original Obamacare bill included those and left it at a small, functional, bipartisan bill, it probably would not have cost Democrats that pushed the 2309 page badly written Obamacare bill through both House of the Democratically controlled congress on a straight party line Democrat vote, so many House seats on November 2, 2010.