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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

VIDEO- Sharron Angle Ad: 'Best Friend' -- Harry Reid, The Best Friend An Illegal Alien Ever Had.

With Harry Reid slipping the DREAM ACT amendment into the defense bill, hoping to force a vote for giving amnesty to illegal aliens that are here because their parents broke our laws and brought their children into the US illegally, this Sharron Angle ad is perfect timing in calling Harry Reid the best friend an illegal alien ever had.

Video below:


Illegals sneaking across our border, putting Americans safety and jobs at risk and what does Harry Reid do?

He comes out opposed to Arizona's tough new immigration law.

Nevada families struggling with the nation's highest unemployment, Harry Reid, he votes to give special tax breaks to illegal aliens and to give the illegals social security benefits... even for the time they were here illegally.

Harry Reid, the best friend an illegal alien ever had.

Angle's press secretary, Jerry Stacy, states "Harry Reid's support for amnesty and his opposition to Arizona's immigration law stands in direct contrast to what the voters of Nevada want. Senator Reid is out-of-touch with Nevadans in his attempts to give incentives to illegal immigrants while his state's unemployment skyrockets to the worst in the nation."

H/T Michelle Malkin@Twitter.