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Monday, September 20, 2010

Gallup Shows Congressional Approval Hits New Lows


Public approval of Congress remains in short supply in September, with 18% of Americans now approving of the job it is doing, similar to the 19% approving in August. Congress' approval rating has not been above 20% since May, and has not surpassed 30% since September 2009.

Top Of The Ticket:

A new Gallup/USA Today Poll conducted last week and published this morning reveals that Americans' approval of Congress, controlled by Democrats since January 2007, has dropped another point from August, down to 18%.

Fully 77 out of every 100 Americans disapproves of the job Congress is doing, up from 73% last spring.

The new poll numbers, especially if reiterated by others in coming days, are likely to force the fall's political storyline back on the Democrats' Day of Reckoning, Nov. 2, and off of preferred distractions such as the Tea Party's political spell over so many.

Additionally, as the Washington Post reports this morning, more Democrat candidates are now distancing themselves from their party's Washington leadership in hopes of salvaging their jobs. This strangely does not include Pennsylvania's one-time rebel Rep. Joe Sestak, who defied White House wishes and job offers to successfully challenge newly-discovered Democrat incumbent Arlen Specterin the primary. In a reconciliation fueled by dual expediency, Obama will campaign today for Sestak, who trails conservative Republican Pat Toomey in polls.

They can run from Obama's agenda and Nancy Pelosi all they want, but they cannot hide from their own votes which allowed Pelosi, Obama and Reid to jam through legislation against the will of the majority of the American public.