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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pelosi And Reid, Most Unpopular Congressional Leaders

Via Rasmussen:

With less than six weeks to go until Election Day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains the most unpopular of the four top congressional leaders as she has been since this session of Congress began early last year. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a close second.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 59% of Likely U.S. Voters have an unfavorable opinion of Pelosi, including 47% who view the San Francisco Democrat Very Unfavorably. Thirty-four percent (34%) regard Pelosi favorably, with 12% Very Favorable toward her. Only seven percent (7%) have no opinion of the speaker.

Since February of last year, Pelosi’s favorables have ranged from a low of 28% to a high of 43% in April just after passage of the national health care bill. Her unfavorables have run from 52% to 64%.

Reid, who is struggling for reelection in Nevada, is seen favorably by 30% and unfavorably by 50%. This includes Very Favorables of six percent (6%) and Very Unfavorables of 33%. Twenty percent (20%) have no opinion of the majority leader.

Up to one-third (32%) of voters didn’t know enough about Reid early in the session to venture an opinion of him, but as he became better known, his negatives began to rise. Since January 2009, his favorables have ranged from 23% to 31%, his unfavorables from 41% to 56%.

Republican leaders earn higher negatives than positives as well, but with Liberals out there crying and whining about Blue Dog Democrats and blaming them for the whole Democratic Party's downfall, it is worth reminding folks that the Blue Dogs aren't the ones most unpopular, it is the far Left Progressive Democrats, namely Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

They can blame Blue Dogs all they want but just because the scream it loudly, doesn't change the fact that it is the farthest Left Liberals like Pelosi and Reid that are least liked, not the Blue Dogs.