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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lisa Murkowski To Pursue Write In Bid After Losing GOP Primary

Despite being defeated by Joe Miller in the GOP Primary for the Alaska Senate seat, Lisa Murkowski has announced she will pursue a write in bid to try to retain her seat in the Senate.

Sarah Palin calls her attempt futile, she is being called a sore loser and more, all of the above deserved since Murkowski is now putting her own wants and desires above that of the constituents that voted her out and Miller in as well as the real possibility that she will cause the GOP vote to split and hand the seat to a Democrat.

Perhaps this type of selfishness and refusal to accept her defeat gracefully is one of the main reasons the Republicans of Alaska threw her to the curb to begin with.

Just a thought.

Miller's response below:

Miller, Alaska’s GOP Senate nominee, defeated Murkowski in an August primary. In a press conference tonight in Anchorage, Murkowski announced her plans to continue in the race as a write-in candidate. Miller says that he has “been told directly” by senior GOP senators that Murkowski will now “lose her seniority and her committee positions.”

Miller says Murkowski’s move “should shock anyone with integrity,” calling it another example of how her “lifeblood is power.” She has, he says, a “disconnection from reality.”

“[Murkowski] is going back on her word,” Miller continues. “She gave her word several days before the primary that she would respect the primary outcome.”

This action also makes her a liar, then again, she could always say she meant that she would respect the primary outcome ONLY if she won the primary.

For this, Murkowski gets her very own LOSER badge, photo above.