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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pelosi, The Albatross Around Democrat's Neck

Brett Carter (D) running for congress in Tennessee wrote to Nancy Pelosi (letter here) imploring her to "not seek the speaker's position" during the next term if Democrats should retain the House, citing this article written by Stephen Shirley in the Daily News Journal.

But for all of the skill, abilities and compelling life stories, there is still one seemingly unshakable albatross hanging around the neck of Brett Carter — Nancy Pelosi.

The article goes on:

In Tennessee's 6th District, there may not be a more despised political figure than Pelosi. Just the mere mention of her name is enough to rankle the average voter. Pelosi has come to symbolize all of the worst caricatures of politicians in general and the Democrats in particular. Staunchly partisan, Pelosi has embraced the liberal moniker and has pushed the Obama administration away from the cooperative nature upon which he campaigned and toward an agenda that encompasses an expansive role of government in everything from health care to energy.

Most voters in the 6th District don't like Pelosi. Her current approval ratings are probably lower than the current unemployment numbers are high. Voters want changes in Washington and removing Pelosi from her post as speaker of the House is at the top of their list.

Was the letter simply a political stunt to appease the Tennessee voters he needs to be able to win the election?

Vulnerable Democratic politicians and candidates are desperate, distancing themselves from Pelosi, Reid and Obama in every conceivable way, some not even mentioning in their campaign ads that they are Democrats.

Others keeping a lid on how they voted for the unpopular legislation while they held office instead of touting it as "historic", as they would be if the public still wasn't so opposed after the fact to things like Obamacare.

The problem here is being a Democrat these days automatically associates you with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

Democrats already holding seats enabled Pelosi, Reid and Obama to jam through their legislation with no bipartisan support and only a minority of public support and Democratic wannabe politicians would very likely vote with the Democratic party on the majority of issues.

That is one truth they cannot hide or run from.