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Saturday, September 25, 2010

CA. Democrat Rep. Loretta Sanchez's Racial Rampage

H/T The Politico for the video shown below:

Here's as blunt a racial play as you'll see: Rep. Loretta Sanchez, speaking on Univision, warns that Republicans and "the Vietnamese and the Republicans" are trying to take away her seat, which she's used to do so much for "our community" and "give it" to a Vietnamese Republican who is both "anti-immigrant" and "anti-Hispanic"

Her challenger, Republican Assemblyman Van Tran is a Vietnamese American who characterizes Sanchez's comments as a "racial rampage." (Source)

LA Times reports Van Tran sent of a letter to Sanchez:

Tran wrote a letter to Sanchez's office asking for an apology for her comments. "With such a diverse immigrant population that call central Orange County home, you should know better than stoking the flames of racial division in our community," he wrote.

So, who is Sanchez calling "anti-immigrant"?

Van Tran's bio shows this:

Van's family first came to America in 1975, evacuated by the U.S. Army a week before the fall of Saigon.

ummmmmmmmm, immigrants!!

Blunder of major proportion by Sanchez here.. perhaps she meant that Van Tran was anti "Illegal" immigrants..... if so, then good for him.