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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

VIDEO- Emergency Committee for Israel's First Target: Joe Sestak

A new 501(c)(4) advocacy group called Emergency Committee for Israel, has been created and with this news is their first video ad (shown below), 30 seconds, which will air on Fox and CNN and during a Philadelphia Phillies game, targets Joe Sestak.


The ad starts with a picture of Congressman Joe Sestak and the question "Does Congressman Joe Sestak understand Israel is America’s ally?"

The ad narrator continues by stating "Sestak raised money for an anti-Israel organization the FBI called a front group for Hamas. Sestak signed a letter accusing Israel for collective punishment for blockading Hamas in Gaza. Sestak refused to sign a bipartisan letter affirming US support for Israel. Call Joe Sestak and ask him to stand with Israel."

The bipartisan letter the ad refers to was signed by 338 members of congress in a bipartisan show of support for Israel and a search through the PDF file for Sestak comes up empty.

News release of the letter found here and the 23 page PDF, shows each and every member of congress that signed.

The Politico reports on the new group, Emergency Committee for Israel, today:

The Emergency Committee for Israel’s Leadership unites two major strands of support for the Jewish state: The hawkish, neoconservative wing of the Republican Party, many of whom are Jewish, and conservative Evangelical Christians who have become increasingly outspoken in their support for Israel. The new group’s board includes Weekly Standard Editor William Kristol and Gary Bauer, the former Republican presidential candidate who leads the group American Values, as well as Rachel Abrams, a conservative writer and activist.

“We’re the pro-Israel wing of the pro-Israel community,” said Kristol.

This ad is the first salvo in what is being called a "confrontational campaign against the Obama administration’s Mideast policy and the Democrats who support it."