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Friday, July 16, 2010

Terrorist Aiding Lynne Stewart Receives 10 Year Sentence

Many were outraged when a judge ordered only a 28 month sentence for civil rights lawyer Lynne Stewart after she was convicted of aiding Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman by delivering a message to his followers.

A federal appeals court judge ordered the original judge to review her role in terrorism and whether she lied in court about it.

After doing so, she was re-sentenced to 10 years and one month behind bars for her role in aiding the Rahman in conducting his terrorist activities from behind bars.

The judge said Stewart showed "a lack of remorse for conduct that was both illegal and potentially lethal."

Stewart's family says they are outraged by the new sentence.

"We think that he totally caved to the second circuit and that he didn't take into account anything that he took into account the first time," said Stewart's daughter, Brenna Stewart.

"It's a death sentence that we do not accept. We are going to continue the struggle. We are going to broaden the struggle," said Stewart's husband, Ralph Pointer.

May she rot in hell.