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Friday, July 16, 2010

Racism Rears its Ugly Head

The history of racism in this country has been a record of a steady improvement in eliminating this scourge. Over 600,000 Americans died in the Civil War in part to eliminate slavery. Nevertheless, while slavery was definitively abolished after 1865 with the adoption of the 14th amendment, discrimination against people with black skins was alive and well in the former states of the Confederacy. This discrimination was codified in the form of Jim Crow laws. Attempts to abolish these laws through federal legislation were blocked in the Senate by filibusters from the Democrat Senators from the Southern states even though Republican Senators were all in favor for them. Thanks to the Supreme Court in Brown vs. The Board of Education, steady progress was made when the Presidents of both parties weighed in against segregation.

When John Kennedy picked Lyndon Johnson from Texas, who had voted against every civil rights bill before 1960, Johnson was forced to reverse course and suddenly become a champion of civil rights. Even though Barry Goldwater had voted for every civil rights bill before 1964, the 1964 version contained a title that used the infamous interstate commerce clause to force private property owners serving the public to allow people of all races onto their property. Even though Goldwater thought discrimination based on race should be abolished, he could not vote for the bill with this title in it. With that vote and the following presidential race of 1964 of Johnson versus Goldwater, a massive shift in American politics began. The solid Democratic South went Republican and black Americans went from solidly Republican to solid Democrat.

This trade off allowed the Republicans to win most of the presidential elections after 1964 because most of the southern states were suddenly voting Republican in presidential races. It was at this point that the media successfully tagged the Republicans with being racist. In spite of the fact that it was a Republican president who won the Civil War and Republicans who had always championed civil rights and primarily still did other than for the die-hard segregationists in Congress. By 2000, racism against blacks was a big no-no just about everywhere in America. It was clear that the vast majority of white Americans were totally opposed to racism against black Americans.

Still this troubled past of whites versus blacks bothered most whites because they knew that over most of the history of America, the blacks had gotten a raw deal. These whites decided to make clear once and for all that racism was a thing of the past and voted for Barack Obama to become President. They were so determined to prove this that they overlooked that this particular black was sorely lacking in credentials to run the government and that he had some truly alarming past associations with some really unsavory characters. Once this was accomplished, the whites relaxed and waited for a post-racial American utopia to settle in.

Whites were already somewhat annoyed at affirmative action programs that favored blacks over whites but given the legitimate gripes that blacks had over their previous treatment, went along with it as a form of reparations. Now that there was a black president, whites felt that these affirmative action programs would be phased out as no longer necessary. Needless to say they also expected blacks to stop playing the victim role. Alas and alack, what the whites got was the exact opposite. They discovered that they had just elected a black man whose was the most racist president in the last 100 years only now he was clearly prejudiced against whites and had plans to stick it to those gullible whites right from the get go. It was soon apparent that Reverend Jeremiah Wright's anti-white and anti-American sermons had found fertile ground in the mind of one Barack Obama.

He began by selecting an avowed racist as his attorney general and populating the upper echelons of the Justice Department with black apologists whether their skin color was black or not. Thus it was not surprising that this new Justice Department dismissed most of the charges against new black panther party members in the most clear cut voter intimidation case since 1970, only this time black intimidation of whites. From there on it was all downhill. When heavily black populated New Orleans was flooded and the Bush Administration was not johnny on the spot with a massive help effort, all hell broke loose. But when a white populated Nashville was flooded minimal help was provided and nary a peep was heard about that.

Now we have arrived at a point where any criticism of the Obama administration is immediately branded as racist even when blacks are the ones doing the criticism since they are airily dismissed as "Uncle Tom" blacks. It is now totally taboo to use the N word to describe a black, but calling white folks a "cracker" is a-okay. A cracker was originally used to describe a white person who lives in Florida's panhandle. Now it is the equivalent C-word to derogatorily describe a white person. We have now reached a point where we hear some blacks saying they should kill cracker babies and that it is the black people's time to stick it to the whites when thanks to Attorney General Holder they no they will never be prosecuted for hate crimes.

Now we have the NAACP folks trying to brand tea party members as racists which is a case the black kettle calling a pro-black pot pro-white.
Of course, in all of this, the mass media has aided and abetted this scenario in the extreme. We believe that black Americans, from the White House on down to the ghettos doing this, do so to their great peril. The Democrats have gone out of their way to declare themselves the champions of the blacks (although in fact only since 1964) and a good part of the backlash they are getting in the polls is caused by their anti-white bias.

Black Americans are only 1 in 8 of America's population and whatever benefits they get for being Americans is due to the white Americans' tolerance. When blacks become racists against whites, they are literally biting the hand that feeds them. When Democrats tolerate such racist behavior on the part of blacks they are asking for a massive repudiation in the November election. According to public opinion polls, that is exactly what is in store for them. We believe the public opinion polls are understating the white backlash because no white person wants to be thought a racist. The NAACP resolution against the tea party might just have been the tipping point that will turn the 2010 election into a repeat of not 1994 but 1938 instead.