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Friday, July 09, 2010

NewsReal Blog Piece- Chris Matthews Shows His Own Bias, Admits Media Will Try To Destroy Sarah Palin

First published at NewsRealBlog- Writer: Susan Duclos

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On his show on leftist network MSNBC recently, progressive media darling Chris Matthews, well known for the the "thrill" he felt going up his leg over one of President Obama's speeches, envisions a scenario where Sarah Palin wins the GOP nomination for president in 2012.

In the course of explaining his scenario, Matthews very nonchalantly states the media "will try to destroy her of course," then continues without blinking as if the statement was utterly insignificant.

NewsBusters highlights the relevant paragraph from the video below (From the 1 minute mark):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: [Palin] "maybe gets an early knockout. That's how I see her winning. An early knockout's the way she can win. The media will try to destroy her of course, but if she goes early, wins early, I think she can win it before anyone can stop her."

Publicly acknowledging that leftist media will deliberately try to "destroy" Palin is bad enough, but Matthews neglects to highlight his own contribution to that effort in the past. One recent example was his closing commentary at the controversial MSNBC special Rise of the New Right, where he suggests that Palin's criticisms of Obama's progressive agenda could lead to an "explosive" incident, citing the Oklahoma City bombing 15 years ago.
You can not call a president`s policies un- American as Sarah Palin has done, or refer to the elected government as a “regime” as Rush Limbaugh persists in doing, or the president as a foreign usurper as the birthers do, without giving license on some day to real trouble

This April was the 15th anniversary of Oklahoma City. It is well to consider what happens when people act on what they hear, when the hatred of our own elected government becomes explosive. I’m Chris Matthews. Thank you for watching.

Other examples include but are not limited to; a segment in Matthews' Hardball show where he called a Facebook posting by Palin about author Joe McGinniss a "fatwa, "meant to stir up "a mob." He continued by calling the former Alaska governor an "empty vessel", saying she is "frightening" and that she "has nothing going on mentally."

Mathews' casual remark once again proves that Americans are right when they they say the mainstream media are biased against conservatives. Where these members of the MSM once at least tried to hide their bias, they're now openly bragging about it. Instead of objectively reporting the news, they're out to destroy every conservative who dares speak out, while progressives are constantly defended and their views promoted. Thanks to Matthews for admitting that conservative critics of the MSM have been right all along.

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