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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish Admits Trig Palin Is Sarah Palin's Baby

Problem with that headline is that although accurate, there is a piece up at Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog, stating with 100 percent assurance that Trig Palin is, indeed, Sarah Palin's child but Sully didn't write it.

Dave Weigel did.

"Trig Palin is Sarah Palin's son and it's irresponsible to suggest otherwise. "

So says Weigel.

He concludes:

The Trig obsession has also, I'm sad to say, damaged Andrew Sullivan's reputation. I'm stunned by the anger he's generating not just among random Tweeters but among people who've been online for years, part of the rough-and-tumble of blogging. They know that 99% of what Sullivan writes is challenging, smart, and addictive, and that he's very capable of honing in on bigger political and philosophical debates. People want him to take a deep breath and stop obsessing over this conspiracy theory. Count me among those people.

I am not going to list each and every post that Sullivan wrote on the issue, accusing Palin of lying about the maternity of her child, Trig, but I will say that doing a search within Sullivan's site, key words "Trig Palin" brings up 8 pages of results, with an average of 8 results per page.

Getting the idea of what type of obsession Weigel refers to?

Problem is, when someone goes that far off the deep end on any topic, at any time, how on earth can you consider that person credible on any other topic, ever?

I do not blame critics for taking Weigel to task for signing up as a poster at Daily Dish, no matter his writings, no matter his stance on the Trig Palin issue, he will rightly be associated with the Dish's reputation on the topic because he just admitted to knowing and understanding and calling Sullivan "irresponsible" for the dangerous obsession Sullivan has with baby Trig and yet Weigel willingly decided to write under the Dish's banner.

Bad decision dude.