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Friday, July 23, 2010

Exposing Erza Klein's Lies About Journolist- Produce The List Of Members

NewsBuster calls Erza Klein's statements and claims about Journolist, the list-serv he created that gave a forum to coordinate attacks against conservatives, conservative politicians and help Democratic candidates in conjunction with each other the publications they wrote and/or worked for, "provably false" and headlines stating those claims of Kleins were "not accurate".

In other words, they were lies. The hell with political correctness.

The Daily Caller's revealing excerpts over the last few days, from the Journalist archives has shown coordination in lines of attacks, methods to use, suggestions and outright statement by one calling them Obama's "non-official campaign."

Now, via NewsBusters and Volokh Conspiracy, we see that when Klein stated "There are no government or campaign employees on the list", he was lying.

That was written in 2009, yet now we find out that at least one member, Jared Bernstein, chief economist for Vice President Joseph Biden, served in 2008 as an economic adviser to the Obama campaign, was a member of Journolist until December of 2008.

Which made him privy to the thread discussing how to attack Sarah Palin as well as the suggestion by Spencer Ackerman to distract from the Jeremiah Wright issue by accusing conservatives, any conservatives, of RACISM!!

Asked when he left JournoList, Bernstein replied, ‘‘I think I left the list around the time I came here.” Bernstein was announced as Chief Economist and Economic Policy Adviser to the Vice President-elect on December 8, 2008.

One question that has arisen in the last week is how closely JournoList members, not only discussed how to shape the news to advance the fortunes of Barack Obama, but coordinated with the Obama campaign. Jared Bernstein’s position as an unpaid adviser and surrogate shows that there was at least one direct link between JournoList and the Obama campaign.

NewsBuster (linked above) also mentions another worrisome little fact:

Since joining the White House (and after being removed from JournoList), Bernstein has held meetings with high-profile liberal bloggers - all confirmed or likely JournoList members - at the White House.

Read both NewsBusters and Volokh Conspiracy 's entire pieces, they are very informative and provide the links to back it all up.

With every day's new revelations by the Daily Caller, more and more names are being added to the known Journolist member list, still only a quarter of the approximate 400 member list, are known.

I would love to see an entire list of members, then perhaps people can see for themselves by searching their particular written works, how many actually did coordinate and use their individual publications that they wrote and/or worked for, to shape the nation political discussion in conjunction with each other.

Not to mention, the entire list would either confirm or negate the speculation about the claims that mostly opinion columnists were on the list.

Many believe the list would confirm the presence of mainstream media figures on the Journlist member roster.

Perhaps that is why Klein, nor members of list that aren't known of yet, simply refuse to provide the list to the public.

It would confirm everything they are trying to deny.