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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Andrew Sullivan On Liberal Media: 'Devoid Of Any Balls Whatsoever'

I blame the Daily Caller for this. For taking away our vacation from Andrew Sullivan's sick paranoid obsession with Sarah Palin's fifth child, Trig.

They just had to get him started again right?

Remember all those liberals and lefties huffily denouncing this blog's attempts to make sense of Sarah Palin's bizarre stories about the pregnancy and birth of her alleged fifth child? I was nuts, crazy, vile, disgusting, etc etc to indulge in what Dave Weigel, with no working knowledge of the story, calls "nonsense." You may also recall that the liberal media didn't touch this with a barge-pole - and still hasn't (apart from a NYT puff-piece that I found utterly credulous at the time). Newsweek has even put its entire reputation behind the details of the story as outlined in Going Rogue, without doing any independent reporting on the subject.

Admittedly, he is spot on when he uses the leaked Journolist emails the Daily Caller has provided to show that there were many others, like him, that obsessed over Sarah Palin's youngest son, Trig. The only difference is many on the 400 member list-serv, Journolist, understood the political ramifications of using an infant with Down Syndrome as political fodder.

To give credit where it is due, a few people partaking in the Trig Palin discussion the Daily Caller has produced, showed extreme distaste for the line of attack that others were discussing.

The obsession with Trig revolved around his birth and how many Liberal pundits accused Sarah Palin's eldest daughter of giving birth to Trig and Sarah Palin of hiding the information and raising the child as her own.

Andrew Sullivan publicly obsessed over this, as his many posts on the subject shows, while members of Journolist obsessed over it in their supposedly private cocoon of a world in their Journolist emails, many only refusing to write about it because they believed it would hurt their candidate, Barack Obama.

The discussion from Journolist members starts with Ryan Donmoyer of Bloomberg News on August 30, 2008- 12:07am, who states:

I actually hesitate to bring this up…

But is anyone following this:

Off and running Journolisters go, with members such as Dylan Matthews who was given a forum on Erza Klein's (creator of Journolist list-serv) American Prospect page as well as Klein's Washington Post column, who states "Obama absolutely cannot touch this. Even if it’s true."

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