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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

U.S. Moving Against Revolutionary Guard Followup.

Last night we brought you a Wapo piece that reported the news that the United States has decided to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, the country's 125,000-strong elite military branch, as a "specially designated global terrorist".

AS PREDICTED the controversy has started.

The NYT has also issued its own report on this move from our administration:

The State Department and Treasury officials are pushing for a stronger set of United Nations Security Council sanctions against members of Iran’s government, including an extensive travel ban and further moves to restrict the ability of Iran’s financial institutions to do business abroad. American officials have also been trying to get European and Asian banks to take additional steps against Iran.

Senior administration officials said current plans called for the declaration to be made this month, but cautioned that it could be put off, and that the effort could still be set aside if the Security Council moved more quickly to impose broad sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.

So is this move a push to the UN to get something that is effective done? Or is it because we have already established the Revolutionary Guard is in Iraq and is responsible for American deaths as shown back in January?

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces continue investigations into the activities of five Iranian nationals detained in Irbil on Jan. 11. Preliminary results revealed the five detainees are connected to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard – Qods Force (IRGC-QF), an organization known for providing funds, weapons, improvised explosive device technology and training to extremist groups attempting to destabilize the Government of Iraq and attack Coalition forces.

As far back as in March of 2006 we were told of the Revolutionary Guard being in Iraq making "trouble":

LONDON, March 8 (IranMania) - US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld accused Iran of sending Revolutionary Guard forces into Iraq to make trouble, and warned Tehran it was "an error in judgement", AFP reported.

"They are currently putting people into Iraq to do things that are harmful to the future of Iraq, and we know it, and it is something that they will look back on as having been an error in judgement," he told reporters here.

Pressed to elaborate, Rumsfeld said the Iranians were putting "Quds force-type people," or Revolutionary Guard forces, into Iraq.

Iranian weapons in Iraq, the Revolutionary Guard training and arming insurgents and terrorists in Iraq to keep the country unstable, eventually we had to do something, OR make a move like this to pressure the UN to stop pussyfooting around and get some meaningful sanctions instead of the watered down sanctions they have been passing.

The moonbat brigade (as Snooper calls them) is all up in arms (pardon the pun) about this latest news.

I suppose they would rather just let the Revolutionary Guard continue to arm and train people to kill American soldiers because I do not see any stronger, better ideas coming from them. They just continue to beat their chests and criticize everything being done to help keep our soldiers safe.

But, don't dare accuse them of not supporting the troops right?

Don't dare say they are weak on National security right?

What a crock.

Bob, in the comment section of last nights piece had this to say this morning:

So here we have a regime that has been, and still is, providing weapons that are killing our troops and civilians in other countries such as Israel. Some how the left makes them out as victims.

How many UN resolutions do they have to ignore before people call a pig a pig? Get your head out of the sand and see what is coming after you. The left would have you think that if we make nice, they will go away.

A veteran that understands. Thanks Bob!!!

Lets not forget to mention what the original Wapo piece which we showed you last night had to say:

"They are heavily involved in everything from pharmaceuticals to telecommunications and pipelines -- even the new Imam Khomeini Airport and a great deal of smuggling," said Ray Takeyh of the Council on Foreign Relations. "Many of the front companies engaged in procuring nuclear technology are owned and run by the Revolutionary Guards.

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You can get a ton of reactions over at memeorandum.

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