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Saturday, June 22, 2013

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Busted Using City Resources To Host His Anti-Second Amendment Group

By Susan Duclos

Ace of Spades blogger John Ekdahl exposes New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on housing his anti-Second Amendment group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns," website on New York City servers, paid for by the residents of New York.

At first I pinged and found that it was resolving at a New York City government IP address.

Pinging returns the same information.

It turns out I didn't even have to look that closely, because the domain is registered to the city of New York. As you can see there, the registrant name is "NYC DoITT", which is the New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications.

Via Politico:

Yet the group’s “action fund,” through which he has piped at least $14 million of his own money in ads over gun control this year alone, is registered as a 501c4, a nonprofit “social welfare” group with the same tax status as, say, the Karl Rove-linked Crossroads GPS or Organizing for Action, President Obama’s grassroots arm. And it raises questions about why a website associated with the group is being managed by City Hall.
In fact, the various pieces of the mayor’s efforts appear as a confusing muddle online, with sites that are ostensibly not part of the 501c4 nonetheless being visually dominated by entreaties to click through to the ones that are. There’s little indication that these are different entities with different oversight.

At minimum, the use of a city web server and city employees underscore what critics have long derided as a blurring of the lines between government resources and Bloomberg’s own multi-billion-dollar fortune, his company, and his pet interests in his three terms as mayor.

Bloomberg- BUSTED.

Last word goes to David Freddoso / Conservative Intelligence Briefing:   Dear IRS: Here's a 501 c(4) group that actually should be scrutinized