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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hell Breaks Loose In Egypt; 600+ Injured, 7 Dead So Far, Marines Ready, US Embassy Closes And More

By Susan Duclos

Videos of protests and damage will be shown below the article.

Egyptians protest Barack Obama’s support of Morsi
As the day of protest nears in Egypt, set for June 30, 2013, the days leading up to it have been filled with demonstrations and protests calling for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to step down According to the Egyptian health ministry, as of Saturday, June 29th, the protests have resulted in 606 people injured and seven deaths, so far.

Sunday's protests - planned by opposition-backed 'Rebel' petition drive - will take place on Morsi's first anniversary in power, demanding his resignation and snap presidential elections.

In preparation for what promises to be the most violent day yet in these planned protests, the U.S. Embassy has announced it will be closed on June 30th and July 1st, "in anticipation of demonstrations that may turn violent,"  in a statement on their website.

In another statement at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt  website, they issue travel warnings as well as the "departure of a limited number of non-emergency U.S. government personnel and family members from Egypt due to the ongoing political and social unrest."

Political unrest, which intensified prior to the constitutional referendum in December 2012 and the anniversary in 2013 of Egypt's 25th January Revolution, is likely to continue in the near future due to unrest focused on the first anniversary of the President's assumption of office. Demonstrations have, on occasion, degenerated into violent clashes between police and protesters, resulting in deaths, injuries, and extensive property damage. Participants have thrown rocks and Molotov cocktails and security forces have used tear gas and other crowd control measures against demonstrators. There are numerous reports of the use of firearms as well. While violent protests have occurred in major metropolitan areas, including downtown Cairo, Alexandria, and Port Said, the security situation in most tourist centers, including Luxor, Aswan, and Red Sea resorts such as Sharm el Sheikh, continues to be calm. Of specific concern is a rise in gender-based violence in and around protest areas where women have been the specific targets of sexual assault.

 There are also reports that US marines stationed in southern Europe are on alert, ready to leave for Egypt to protect the U.S. Embassy and American government personnel and citizens if violence broke out against Americans.

The report says that approximately 200 combat capable marines in Sigonella, Italy and Moron in Spain will be ready to be wheels up within an hour of getting deployment orders.   

Video: Protesters took to the streets in Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said (Uploaded June 28, 2013)

Video- Egyptian Police Fight Back Rioters (Uploaded June 28, 2013)