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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Black Pastor Calls Attorney General Eric Holder 'Nigger, In The Worst Kind' (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Pastor Tony Smith founded the Way of God Church of the Lord Jesus in January 2003 and in anger over Attorney General Eric Holder saying that blacks were incarcerated 20 percent more than whites, Pastor Smith goes on a rant against Holder, and others, screaming "This man is a pure deep nigger, yous a nigger in the worst kind, Eric Holder, Attorney General....."


Pastor Smith is no stranger to controversy, but imagine if any Caucasian religious figure ranted for 13 minutes calling Eric Holder, Obama or any other African-American, a nigger, in a manner intended to insult racially, what the backlash would be against them, rightly so.

Yet not one story comes up in a search of Smith's latest rant.

PS- Compare the lack of media coverage of Smith's recent comments to the overabundance of media coverage to Paula Deen's comments, made decades ago.

H/T Godlike Productions