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Thursday, June 20, 2013

If IRS Scandal Is 'Manna From Heaven' For GOP In 2014, Then Amnesty Is A Cup Of Poison

By Susan Duclos

The video below is Jonah Goldberg’s take on the Obama administration’s recent scandals and their political implications for 2014, specifically the IRS scandal which he calls "manna from heaven" for the GOP in 2014.

Goldberg is correct, this scandal will live on as more and more information becomes available and it can, will and should be used relentlessly in campaigns for the 2014 midterms.

Along with the NSA Prism and Verizon scandal, the DOJ attack on the media scandal and the Benghazi scandal, a reasonable person would think these could be the final nails in the Democrats' coffin for the 2014 midterms.

But wait.......

It appears that Republicans, being politicians, can take "manna from heaven" and magically turn it into a cup of poison, in one fell swoop, with the controversial amnesty bill working it's way through the Senate.

Amnesty- a pardon is granted to a large group of individuals.

RINOs and Democrats along with Obama can call it a pathway to citizenship all they want, but the U.S. already has a pathway to citizenship which millions upon millions of legal immigrants have used throughout history to become productive members of American society.

What the Senate "gang of 8" is proposing is amnesty, it is rewarding illegals, those who came or stayed in the United States illegally, by offering them a pardon for their crimes and giving them legal status.

Not only the crime of entering and/or staying in the country illegally, but the crime of identity theft and fraud to which over half of illegals in the U.S. are guilty of.

Every benefit for the GOP in the 2014 elections, regarding the multitude of Obama scandals rocking Washington, can be wiped away if House Republicans follow the Senate RINOs and Democrats over the Amnesty cliff.

Conservative supporters can only hope that Republican House lawmakers are smart enough to understand.

[Update] House Republicans do seem to understand that passing the Senate amnesty bill would gain them less voters in 2014 than it would lose,  by wiping out the millions of base Republicans and conservative voters.