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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Liberal Media Hates Republican Senator Ted Cruz: He Must Be Doing Something Right

By Susan Duclos

Senator Ted Cruz made promises when he campaigned for election and once elected and seated, he took off running, keeping those campaign promises and the liberal mainstream media hates him for it almost as much as they fear him for it.

On one piece, the New York Times calls him the "nasty newcomer," and a "ornery, swaggering piece of work."

The writer goes on:

He sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and during its final meeting on Tuesday about Hagel’s nomination, he made such nefarious and hectoring insinuations about Hagel’s possible corruption by foreign influences that McCain, who’d gleefully raked Hagel over the coals himself, more or less told Cruz to cool it. It was an unforgettable moment, and one that Republicans shouldn’t soon forget, because Cruz, 42, isn’t simply the latest overeager beaver to start gnawing his way through the halls of Congress. He’s a prime illustration of what plagues the Republican Party and holds it back.


What has held the party back are the old rules where newcomers elected to make change, sit back, listen to their "elders" and break every promise they made to become elected.

What holds the party back is the GOP leadership trying so hard to please everyone they betray the principles conservatives want them to fight for.

Writers like Frank Bruni who wrote the piece, would love for readers to think that being outspoken, keeping campaign promises, and fighting for conservative principles is a negative, when in reality, that is what will make the Republican party strong again.

In another New York Times piece, Cruz is referred to as "Washington’s new bad boy," and a direct quote from Cruz is the exact reason why liberals in the media hate him, fear him, and want to destroy him.

“I made promises to the people of Texas that I would come to Washington to shake up the status quo,” he said in e-mailed answers to questions, in lieu of speaking. “That is what I intend to do, and it is what I have done in every way possible in the responsibilities that have been granted to me.” 

A politician that is keeping his promises... almost unheard of in this day and age and the main reason the MSM is piling up on him all at once.

Chris Chocola, the president of the Club for Growth, a conservative free-market political action committee that strongly backed Mr. Cruz in his victory last year against the establishment’s favorite, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, said the new senator was doing precisely what he had expected. The growing caucus of ardent conservatives — Mr. Cruz, Mr. Paul, Marco Rubio of Florida, Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Mike Lee of Utah, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Tim Scott of South Carolina — has begun reshaping what it means to be a Republican in the Senate, he said. 

“The last thing we need is another status quo senator or congressman who will go along to get along,” said former Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who pumped money into Mr. Cruz’s campaign, then left the Senate to lead the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Ruth Marcus, Washington Post asserts Cruz won't "win Senator Congeniality."

Good, conservatives have had "congeniality" right up to the eyeballs, maybe it is time for the new blood of the GOP to shake things up, call out those that should be called out, speak up for those that elected them to speak up, and stand strong in the face of Senate that gets nothing done unless it is a rubber stamping of Obama's agenda.

Perhaps more younger, outspoken, strong, principled elected GOP politicians are needed in the Republican party, and just maybe their spine and strength can teach the "old dogs" some new tricks.

Make them remember what standing up for their constituents and what they elected them do, is something to be proud of and will rally the base. More than just the base is needed to overwhelmingly win elections, that is acknowledged, but without a strong united base, the GOP has no chance.

Hence the media hit job on Cruz. Liberals and the media fear a strong GOP because when united, they win as they did in the 2010 midterms. When divided as in 2008 and 2012, they lose.

The Republican leadership, the party elders, seem to think they can take their conservative base for granted, but they had better heed the lesson taught to them in the 2012 elections, which is they can't. 

Keep up the good work Senator Cruz.