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Monday, February 04, 2013

Video- Sandy Hook Father: ' You Will Take My Ability, To Protect My Victoria, From My Cold Dead Hands

By Susan Duclos

A Newtown father, Bill Stevens, explains via the video below, to the  Working Group Public Hearing at the Connecticut State Capitol on gun violence prevention, how his daughter was on lock down on the day of the Sandy Hook massacre and then goes on to state "Unfortunately, her friend’s little sister was murdered in Sandy Hook that day when lock-down and 911 were not enough to protect her from an evil person."

He then reiterates, not an assault rife, not some type of inanimate object, but an evil person. Mr. Stevens goes on to say Sandy Hook's security for their children is "quite different from the elaborate security, you all enjoy here at the Capitol, it was fun getting frisked on the way in."

Watch  his complete testimony until he concludes "I will tell you here today, you will take my ability, to protect my Victoria, from my cold dead hands." (Video below)


H/T Examiner