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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Joe Biden's 'Shotgun' Advice To Wife Jill, Is Illegal And He Lied About Shotguns/AR-15 Comparison

By Susan Duclos

Well Joe Biden did it again, opened mouth, inserted foot and then exchanged feet in said mouth.

Vice President Joe Biden might want to have a talk with his son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, before he makes another public statement about guns.

In a Facebook "chat" Tuesday, the vice president said that he had advised his wife, Jill, to fire a shotgun in the air from their Delaware home's porch if she was concerned for her safety.

"I said, 'Jill, if there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house,'" Biden said

What is wrong with the advice Biden gave to his wife Jill? Glad you asked!

Garey said that under Biden's scenario, Jill Biden could be charged with aggravated menacing, a felony, and reckless endangering in the first degree.

"You cannot use deadly force to protect property" in Delaware, added Garey.

"It is not uncommon" for people to be charged with crimes under similar circumstances, he said. "I've seen cases where lawful citizens have used guns outside their homes and they end up arrested."
Rob Wiltbank, a gun rights advocate who founded Delaware Open Carry in 2008, told U.S. News he agrees with the vice president that a shotgun would be good for home protection, but he was also troubled by the hypothetical.

"It would be incredibly irresponsible of a gun owner to blindly discharge a firearm into the air," said Wiltbank. "What goes up, must come down and this specific behavior has been the cause of many negligent homicides over the years."

Tom Shellenberger, a lawyer who serves as a spokesman for the Delaware State Sportsmen's Association, told U.S. News that Biden's security tip was "the worst type of advice."

In addition to felony charges, Shellenberger cited the "Discharge of a firearm within 15 yards of a road (7 Del.C. § 719), a misdemeanor," and "Violation of the residential dwelling safety zone as set forth in 7 Del.C. § 723, also a misdemeanor."

"Beyond the potential criminal liability, it is simply bad advice," added Shellenberger. "Not only does blasting blindly away put innocent persons at risk, it also tells the bad guys where you are and that you are armed. In most circumstances, it might be better if that comes as a surprise to the bad guys."

Not only did Biden make a recommendation that could very well have his wife and any other idiot who would take his advice, charged with crimes, but Biden's claim that a shotgun is easier to aim and use, is false, untrue.... in other words, a lie.

Jesse Bonner, owner of Jesse’s Gun Shop in Corsicana, Texas, smacked down Biden’s claim calling it "inaccurate."

“That would not be true,” he said. “I’ve taught enough ladies to shoot all different types of firearms and I can tell you that the AR-15 is going to be better suited for a lady. It would be better for all-around home defense and it’s one of the most accurate guns out there.”

“The AR-15 is now a mainstream weapon because of its quality design and accuracy,” he added, saying that a shotgun, especially a 12-gauge, can be difficult to use for many people. Smaller women could have even more trouble firing a 12-gauge shotgun due to the recoil.

Bonner explained that even younger kids are able to use an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with ease.
Being in the firearms business for 21 years, Bonner told TheBlaze that there has been a coordinated effort to blur the line between semi-automatic rifles, like the AR-15, and fully automatic weapons.
“It’s been happening through the purposeful blurring and slandering, whether to help legislation pass or to help a new company make money by selling advertising by sensationalizing,” he said.

To recap: Biden recommends breaking the law and he lies about the comparison between a shotgun and an AR-15.

Double header gaffe this time.