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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Advice To Schools By Officials: Defend Your Life Against Active Shooter By Throwing Things

By Susan Duclos

When reading a piece over at Political Outcast, the advice reportedly given to schools by authorities and even the DHS, reads like a satirical piece, so I followed links, hunted DHS video and was astounded to find out that that the original PO piece was, in fact, a serious piece and that authorities are telling people to violently defend themselves against an "active shooter" by throwing things at them or by using scissors to stab an armed assailant.

They are seriously recommending that students or employees in businesses, anyone forced to defend their lives against because they cannot hide or evacuate, against  an "active shooter" to take a knife to a gun fight, so to speak.

Before getting into this ridiculous advice, look at the statistics reported by KSDK News:

Pete Blair, a criminal justice professor at Texas State University, said that in many cases potential victims "have no choice'' but to defend themselves.

• In a study of 84 active shooter incidents between 2000 and 2012, Blair said the shooter ended the attack before police arrived in 25 cases: The shooter committed suicide in 21 cases; in four cases, the shooter fled.

• In 16 of the 84 incidents, victims stopped the attack before police arrived, either by subduing the attacker -13 cases - or shooting the attacker in three cases.

Starting with the advice to schools:

In written instructions developed by the U.S. Capitol Police, fighting back is described as the "last resort.''

"You must be committed to the actions you will take, and your attack must be explosive and violent,'' the Capitol Police instruction states. "You must do whatever it takes to survive and not worry about the consequences.

"You want to disable the offender with whatever means you can. This could involve throwing items or using objects to strike, stab or slash the subject.''

 Don't arm yourself with a weapon equal to what an armed "active shooter" has, no, throw things!!!! Stab him...if you can reach him before getting your brains blown out.

Moving along.....

According to the "DHS Active-Shooter Survival Guide", at the 1.53 minute mark in the video below, grab some scissors to defend against the armed shooter.


Last Rsistance blog talks about he video above and states "In fact, I recommend this video as the single most powerful argument that every adult American should have a handgun on his person at all times in public places."

It wasn't the DHS's intent with the video and after the video was published they disabled the original from being embedded.

Question to ponder while thinking about the idiocy of the advice and "training" video above:

Would you rather throw things, grab some scissors and take on an active shooter, or be armed with a gun to shoot back?