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Monday, February 25, 2013

Liberals And Illegals Upset That Licenses For Illegals State Clearly ' No Lawful Status'

By Susan Duclos

Poor liberals are upset, again, this time over the appearance of driver’s license to be given to illegal aliens being given deferred status:

Via MyFox8:

In line with the North Carolina state attorney general’s opinion, the N.C. Department of Motor Vehicles will begin issuing driver’s licenses to some illegal immigrants.

Residents who are participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, will qualify to get licenses because they are now considered to have a “legal presence” in the United States.

DACA participants are those whose parents brought them into the U.S. illegally and meet certain federal criteria, including age, to stay in the U.S. legally for up to two years on a work permit. Their deportation is deferred.

In response to their new legal presence, North Carolina leaders say the teenagers and young adults in DACA will be able to obtain a driver’s license.

Leaders also say the cards will help prevent ID and voter fraud.

The license will be printed with a pink stripe at the top and the words “No Lawful Status” on the card.

American Civil Liberties Union attorney Raul Pinto told the Associated Press "North Carolina should not be making it harder for aspiring citizens to integrate and contribute to our communities by branding them with a second-class driver’s license. There is simply no reason for officials to stigmatize people who are in the U.S. legally with an unnecessary marker that could lead to harassment, confusion, and racial profiling."

The illegals are also using that same language and complaining about being granted the privilege of obtaining a license, because it is "stigmatizing" to accurately portray their legal status on said licenses and the fact that they are not citizens.

If they don't like it.... someone should show them the door out of the country.

The bottom line is, due to their parents illegal actions, a crime of coming or being in the country illegally, they are also illegals and if they want to blame someone for that, they should have a talk with their parents instead of whining about the fact that their status is being shown on special licenses that wouldn't be necessary in the first place had their parents not broken our nation's laws and brought them here illegally.