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Friday, February 08, 2013

Obama To Focus On Jobs, 2009, 2010, 2011 But Really Means It This Time!!!

By Susan Duclos

Huffington Post August 2011 reminded folks, via video below,  that Barack Obama promised to focus on job growth and creation, multiple times since 2009.


Then in  November 2012, IBD reported that Obama's weekly address once again claimed his top priority was jobs!!!!  (Despite a bevvy of job killing tax hikes set to go into effect as part of Obamacare, tax rate hikes passed during the fiscal cliff deal, and a massive pipeline of regulations that businesses say are preventing them from hiring).

Now, once again, reports are coming out which say "Barack Obama told House Democrats Thursday his State of the Union address will focus on job creation, education and energy independence."

Obama's focus is jobs... again....and again.... and again..... yet unemployment is still higher today, (7.9%) than it was the day Obama took office (7.8%).

Is it any wonder Republicans think Obama is a joke?

[Update- 2/10/13] Must-Read - After ignoring unemployment, Obama seeks to convince Americans it’s his top priority.