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Saturday, February 09, 2013

How Twisted Do You Have To Be To Cheer On A Spree Killer Like Christopher Dorner?

By Susan Duclos

Some very twisted individuals are actually cheering on Christopher Dorner.

Via Breitbart:

Ab-Soul, a California Interscope Records Hip Hop artist, made remarks on his Instagram page Friday night expressing his support for Christopher Dorner —  a former Navy reservist who was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2008. Dorner  is now suspected of fatally shooting three people and injuring two others in an act of revenge. :
As the manhunt continued as far north as the San Bernardino Mountains, late Thursday, Interscope Records rapper Ab-Soul posted a photo defending the fugitive on his Instagram page, quoting Dorner’s 11,400-word manifesto, in which he outlines plans to kill law enforcement officers and their family members.
“This was a necessary evil,” Ab-Soul posted, quoting Dorner’s manifesto, and adding his own comment: “God Bless You Sir.”
So far, the post has received more than 3,200 likes and 500 comments, many supporting the statements.
One commenter calling themselves Popsapien referred to Dorner as “The BLACK RAMBO” and another, Gnodiaz replied: “Everyone else [is] misinformed idiots. He killed officers as a statement because the system he worked in was corrupt and they discharged him [from] attempting to reveal how corrupt it was.”

Ab-Soul is not the only twisted freak rooting for Dorner either.


The ex-LAPD officer and former Navy reservist who posted a 14-page "manifesto" detailing his plans for a revenge-fueled rampage across California is still at large, with the search expanding into other regions.

He is a suspect in the shooting deaths of three people, including a member of Riverside PD, and the daughter of Dorner's former lawyer.

None of this has dissuaded a group of ardent supporters who back Dorner for a variety of reasons. #GoDornerGo, #WeAreAllChrisDorner and other hashtags have been gaining momentum on Twitter. Some supporters appear to be motivated by personal issues; others express anti-hero worship and fugitive fandom to push specific agendas.
 (I added the links to the hashtags so readers can look at the Twitter comments)

Twitter freaks supporting Dorner are also joined by Facebook sickos:

There are a couple of Facebook pages dedicated to Dorner, including We Are All Chris Dorner, which states: "Christopher John Dorner is the victim of a manhunt and smear campaign. 5 years ago he was fired from the LAPD for seeking to expose corruption within it..." There's the Christopher Dorner Appreciation Society, which posts pictures of police brutality and images from the Rodney King Riots in 1992. It says, "This man's life was ruined for fighting back against a racist culture. We here at C.D.A.S. will always remember his story."
More examples shown at The Blaze.

Looking around the web, there are forums asking "Are you rooting for Christopher Dorner in his war against LAPD? Admit it"

While there are some voices of reason speaking out against the killing of cops and families, others on the forum are rooting for him.


AndromedaGalaxy says "I hope he accomplishes whatever he needs to accomplish..."

Nefariousx1 says "so if you were in his shoes what would you do? its fcking easy for fcking idiots with no future to say what they wouldnt about what YOU WOULD DO. phaggots."

Others don't think it is right, but hey, hoping he gets away with it anyway."

AlphaASphuck says " Like another poster said, Serpico exposed the department without killing people he did not need to kill people and their families

hes went off on a psycho tangent. Part of me wants to see him escape and never be found though, not gonna lie!"

Another asserts that is his manifesto is true, then killing LAPD cops and their families is alright.

BoneSkinny says " I root for him if his manifesto is truthful and he valid reasons.

But if he is just a disgruntled employee coupled with severe mental illness - then no.

 There is much more, 4 pages of back and forth, go look.

To these people, cold blooded, premeditated murder is okay as long as Dorner has a reason.

Don't all spree killers and mass murderers have a "reason" even if it is only in their own minds?

[UPDATE] Twitchy found "75 moral cretins who think Christopher Dorner is a hero"

[UPDATE] CBS13 finds even more support for Dorner. 

H/T to @James_A_lll for bringing the topic up on Twitter last night so I could hunt down these links and stories.