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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

MSNBC, Wapo, Huffpo Go To The White House To Get Their Talking Points

By Susan Duclos

MSNBC, Washington Post, Huffington Post and others aren't even attempting to appear like a news organizations anymore, they are the Obama media and are now getting their marching orders openly, directly from the White House.

MSNBC's prime time line-up was spotted entering the West Wing Tuesday afternoon for what host Ed Schultz tweeted was a meeting with President Barack Obama.
White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest released the following statement on the meeting:
“This afternoon at the White House, the President met with influential progressives to talk about the importance of preventing a tax increase on middle class families, strengthening our economy and adopting a balanced approach to deficit reduction.”

They meet, they get their talking points, they go on national television and spew what Obama tells them to spew just like the puppets they are.

Via Pat Dollard, it isn't only MSNBC:

Update from Mediaite: MSNBC has yet to respond to request for comment. A source familiar with the meeting tells Mediaite that MSNBC personalities were only the most recognizable among the attendees, but there were many other “progressive media” members in attendance, including from the Washington Post, Daily Kos, and the Huffington Post.

Wapo, Huffpo, MSNBC and others = Official State Run Media