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Friday, December 14, 2012

Multiple Deaths (28) At Sandy Hook School Shooting In Newtown CT - Liberals Already Politicizing Deaths

By Susan Duclos

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[Update]Unconfirmed reports say a second shooter is in custody.

 [Update] OMG.... CBS New York is reporting 27 dead, including 18 children.

PS- Liberals are already politicizing the deaths of these children and school employees. There is no limit as to how low they will go.

[Update] Chicago Tribune reports "More than a dozen people were killed, including children, according to reports from ABC News and CBS News."

[Update] CBS News reports one child and one adult (gunman) confirmed dead.

[Update] CNN reports two school employees have died.

Hartford Courant reports that multiple people have been killed in a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dickinson Drive in Newtown Connecticut.

Police said some of the shooting victims are children but it is not clear if they are among the dead. They were still searching the school at 11 a.m., and police dogs had been brought in.

USA Today reports the gunman is dead.

A lone gunman at the center of a terrifying Friday morning elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn., has been killed, authorities say.

The Hartford Courant reported that shortly after 9:40 a.m., the shooter was in the main office at Sandy Hook Elementary School and at least one victim had numerous gunshot wounds. Two handguns were recovered from the scene.

Mayor Mark Boughton said several victims had been taken to local hospitals. But details were sketchy. The Newtown Bee reported that a police officer carried a seriously wounded child from the building. (The Courant also said one shooter was reported dead).

ABC News reports there is a possible second shooter still at large, but conflicting reports seem to indicate the original shooter just had two guns, so it is unclear whether there is another shooter.

MSN News reports multiple deaths  were reported as well but all that is confirmed at this point is one death, reports vary on whether more were killed or just wounded.

I'll update when the chaos has calmed and official numbers come out.

Our sympathies go out to all involved.